These are the official guidelines of the wiki written by the administration team. It is mandatory to follow all of these rules. The only people who can change these rules are the administration team, but users may suggest improvements or new rules at any time. Violations result in reminders, warns or blocks. Global blocks may also be given by Wikia Staff if the situation requires their attention.

  • Do not vandalize. Vandalism is when a user edits something without the page owner's permission, with or without malicious intent. Adding useful information and useful categories is allowed under certain circumstances.
  • Do not spam. Spam is repetitive content repeated over and over again for the purpose of annoying others. Making pages with only one character or word is also heavily discouraged and such pages may be blanked.
  • Do not discriminate. Discrimination is when a person judges and/or insults another person due to certain traits that they may have. This is strictly prohibited on this wiki, and any offense will most likely result in a block.
  • Do not share personal information. The internet is not the place to reveal your personal information, such as your address or phone number. Any instances of detailed personal information such as addresses, phone numbers and full names will be removed. Doxxing is also prohibited here, and any dox information will be removed.
  • Try to settle conflict. If you start to have conflict against another user, try to settle it peacefully in a way both you and the user can agree on. You will normally not be blocked for arguing, but if the argument is taken to a harmful or rulebreaking level, blocks may be given out.
  • Do not be rude to people. Harassing, insulting and bullying others in a serious manner is not tolerated, and any instance of this can and will result in a block.
  • Do not post pornographic content. Pornographic content is strictly prohibited and any offense will result in a block. Any pornographic content that is found will be deleted and Wikia Staff has a chance of being contacted. Also note that pornographic content may not be linked to on chat. Content that describes sexual nature is allowed, but it may not go to extremes.
  • Do not post gruesome content. Realistic gruesome content, such as pictures of dead bodies or violent tragedies, is not allowed.
  • Do not utilize spambots. Spambots are not allowed and if utilized, they will be blocked.
  • Do not cause drama just to stir up attention. This is incredibly annoying and unnecessary. Many users who have done this have gained a negative reputation amongst the community.
  • Do not evade blocks. Block evasion is when a blocked user attempts to get past their block by using an alternate account. Block evasion will normally result in the user's block being extended by a week, and all alternate accounts used for block evasion will be blocked as well for an indefinite time.

Disclaimer: We are in no way responsible for our user's actions. If violation of law has occurred on part of one of our users, we reserve the right to contact authorities.
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