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I always wanting my own theme park area but all of you assholes ruin it with a channel that now sucks here let's reopen Polar's Older Kids Zone


  1. Josh0108: I'm supporting this because I feel sorry for Polar.
  2. Flaky The Waifu: YES! This is a good idea.


  1. Igor the Mii: no
  2. Ralf Hat: We're not arguing with 12 year olds
  3. DON'TSHOOT: Stop please. Life ain't gonna follow your ways all the time.
  4. Pingy Animatronic: Fuck No
  5. Sophie the Otter: I understand you wanted to have an area, but not everything can be how you planned it. Sorry, but we're not gonna bring it back. Creation Universe was getting too big anyway.
  6. Sylvester: Same thing Sophie said. You have your own FUCKING THEME PARK, so you don't need an area in Creation Universe.
  7. BoyInCharge55: I agree with DON'TSHOOT, Sophie, and Sylvester. Besides, even though I work for CU and PL, it is necessary to only put rides from POKZ into PL. You don't need to use Polar in more than one theme park.
  8. StrongBadHR90: I agree with everyone, if you are going to act like this, get the hell off the internet.
  9. chrome: hello darkness my old friend
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