(wilsonasmara is a piece of shit)

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Wilson Asmara (or wilsonasmara), is a degenerate weeaboo artist on Deviantart who does Fill-in memes out of Masha and The Bear, Dora The Explorer, and Peppa Pig, he also draws shitty fanart out of Puyo Puyo (not to mention the anatomy looks so bad), and is an opinion disrespector, he is also a gigantic weeaboo as you can tell, he also wants everyone's taste to be the same as his cause if not he'll kill the one person who doesn't have the same tastes as him.

His hobbies and what he does.

While he doesn't draw, he jacks off to Puyo Puyo porn and watches grounded videos out of children (as he finds murder and child abuse funny).

Description about him

He's actually a Vyonder in secret, as he is inspired by Go!Thug247 and other vyonders, as well as having the tendency to disrespect opinions and rage, sadly, most of the people on Deviantart are on his side and choose child abuse as well.

How to insult him

  1. Tell him that Fortnite is better than Splatoon/Puyo Puyo.
  2. Tell him "I like Dora The Explorer, got a problem with that?" and watch him raging at you 24/7.
  3. Tell him that Puyo Puyo is trash.
  4. Tell him that Amitie doesn't exist (of course cause she's a fucking fictional character).
  5. Yell "BEGONE WEEABOO THOT!" at him in case for fun shit.
  6. Tell him he's bad at drawing.
  7. Make him gullible by making him believe that he's a disgrace to Japan and his family.
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